Hilton Head Fishing with Off The Hook Fishing Charters
7/20-7/25 Pic's Of The Week!
 Been some great fishing the last few days for big bull redfish, 
jack crevalle, sharks and some massive tarpon! Capt. Byron had

some awesome catches last week while I was on a family vacation
in California. Looking forward to getting back to work this week!

Hilton Head Fishing with Off The Hook Fishing Charters
7-12-2016 Pic's Of The Day!
Rick with a beauty from this morning! Snapped a quick pick
and got the fish back in the water to fight another day. These big
jacks fight to the death and it's super important to remove them
from the water with care and take your photos fast and revive them
if necessary. I rarely ever hang one of these fish from a weighing
device as it only places more stress on the fish hanging vertical.
It's has been a incredible year catching these jacks for sure and 
the number of recreational fisherman are growing fishing for them
as well. I just hope they take note to handle these fish with care.

Hilton Head Fishing with Off The Hook Fishing Charters
7-11-2016 Pic's Of The Day!
Epic start to the week with some loyal repeat clients that caught
some incredible fish! Congrats to Sarah Foster who checked 
2 new species off her list catching a big jack and nice tripletail 
which also was my very first tripletail of the year!

 The afternoon trip with The Prater Family started off slow
but once we found the jacks it turned out to be a record  trip
 sight casting to these big boys with light tackle spinning gear.
I always look forward to my return clients and always strive to
try for a new species for them when available like I did today!

Hilton Head Fishing with Off The Hook Fishing Charters
7-8-2016 Pic's Of The Day!

 Another great morning catching a few big bull reds and some nice 
sharks. Took the afternoon off and got my girls out for some fun
on the water and we went 3-4-3 on some big jug head jacks! The girls 
caught 2 on spin and I popped a nice one on the fly. YEW!